Lake Records – at a glance

/Lake Records - at a glance

Robin Edens Record Breaking Week

On the week of the summer work party 29/07/2017 saw Robin eden Smash the lake record of the amount of fish for one angler and all so the amount of big fish for one angler. His catch consisted of numerous 30s and 40s 7x 50s 3 personal best mirrors of 61,63,and 67lb but the icing on the cake was his 72lb personal best common. So a big congratulations to Robin on a session of a lifetime and will be a hard act to follow.Great Angling that man.

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To make things easier for our visitors we have listed seperately on this page all the current records held on the lake……………


Biggest Mirror Caught:Mick-Hall-90lb.-40z.png

90lb 4oz caught by Mick Hall on 21st June 2015

Previous records:

88lb caught by Mick Bowman on 27th May 2014

86lb caught by Chris Blackwell on 1st May 2014

82lb 40z caught by Jason Andrews on 7th August 2013


Biggest Commmon Caught:

Dave Wiles 74lb common

Dave Wiles 74lb common

74lb caught by Dave Wiles on week commencing 25th April 2015.

Previous records:

67lb caught by Jerome on 9th November 2013

66lb caught by Mick Bowman on 8th July 2010

64lb 9oz caught by Vic Jones on 9th June 2010

Most fish caught by single angler in one week:

22 fish caught by Dennis Mc Fetrich week commencing 12th August 2011

 Previous records:

 19 fish caught by Dennis McFetrich week commencing 15th August 2009

18 fish caught by Shaun Hales week comencing 11th June 2011.

17 fish caught by Dennis McFetrich week commencing 26th June 2010.

16 fish caught by Mick Bowman week commencing 15th August 2009.

Most fish caught in a double swim in one week:

23 fish caught by Andrew and Jonathan Manning week commencing 17th August 2013

Most fish caught from lake in one week:

60 fish caught in total by 7 anglers week commencing 22nd May 2010

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