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MICK BOWMAN W/C 03/11/12

Three weeks on from my previous trip and I am back on the lake where it hasn’t fishes that well since I left – only a dozen or so fish have been out. From the information I have gathered there have been plently of fish showing and feeding but they have evaded capture. I am not sure of the reason for this having not been on site. This week’s party of anglers was a mixed week with three doubles and three single anglers including myself. Following the draw Darren and Gary went into swim 3 & 4, Richard and Glen in 5 &6, Mark and James in 7 & 8 then Richard in 12, Matt in 13 and I was left with 1  & 2 ot 11 & 12 to choose from. I opted for 10 & 11 as I had seen fish up this end. I fishes two rods in bay 10 and two in deeper water in 11. The first night was quite promising with fish rolling in the bay and in open water. I thought this would be the case as the temperature was still mild for the time of the year. But the first night passed with no action. I knew they were catchable as they were moving. On the second night there was still no action. Over in swim 4, Gary Wheeler had some luck with a 60lb common. This was also a personal best so well done Gary.

The next two nights passed by very slowly with no action as before. The fish were rolling but were just not interested in eating the bait. I was confident that one or two more would come out before the week was up. It was a case of being patient as the feeding was up to them. By Thursday there were three more fish out. Matt in 13 had a 44lb mirror. Richard in 12 had a 34lb mirror and I had a 43 common from swim 10. Still the fish were active at night but not feeding on our bait. With the water gin clear and the temperature dropping the fish were not competing as they would earlier in the year and I think this is the reason why takes have been very few and far between.  I still think there are one or two to be caught though. Saturday morning came but the Carp didn’t. There were no more fish caught but still they are showing at night. Well, only two more weeks to go before the lake closes for 2012 and I am still ever hopeful that some big fish will show before the season is over.



MICK BOWMAN W/C 06/10/12

It seems a long time since I was last fishing on the Island Lake way back in August (too long if you ask me!). So it was nice to get the rods back out again. This week was booked by my good friend Dennis McFetrich (M.C.F). There were seven of us fishing for the week – Den, Matt, Steve, Ash, Dave, Alan and myself. The drawn was done, swims were chosen so we set about our task ahead. Luck was on my side as  came first in the draw for once so chose swim 13’s water where the previous 2 weeks had seen only 3 fish come out.

The weather was mild, around 17 degrees with showers predicted. I had all rods out by 4pm on Saturday and get ready to wait for some action. Not long after, one of my rods burst into action and I landed a nice 52lb mirror. Not bad after only 15 minutes in. The following morning I landed 42lb common, Alan in swim 12 had a 51lb mirror and Matt in swim 3 had a personal best common of 53lb. He had been after one of those for a long time so well done Matt. It was evident that a lot of of fish were showing up at the end of swims 6, 13, 7 and 12. On Monday morning I had a slow take which resulted in a 61lb mirror – a nice fish I that had not caught before. In the afternoon I had a 41lb mirror from a spot I had baited quite heavily. All four fish so far had come from different spots which indicated the fish were moving about searching for food.

The rain was in for the night on Monday and I got soaked playing two fish but the rewards were a 48lb and 49lb mirror so it was worth it. The two fish came from the heavily baited spots from earlier in the day. By now Den in swim 7 also had three fish up to 46lb and Alan in swim 12 had a 42lb mirror. Matt added to his tally with two more 40lbs+ so the fishing had picked up quite nicely.

By Thursday morning the rain had started to ease off a bit which was nicer. The fish stayed steady with Dave off the mark in swim 10 with a 36lb mirror. Den had two more at 41lb and 48lb. Alan had a great 57lb mirror and I managed another 45lb common. The fish seemed settle in the deep water in front of swims 7 and 12 for the last couple of days. As the week drew to a close, the sun made a welcome appearance for the first time. Dave in swim 10 had two more fish – a 37lb and a beautiful 57lb mirror. Den landed another 30lb+ fish and I had a 51lb mirror to my list. Fishing was slow in swims 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 and I was hopeful for Matt and Ash pitched up that end that something would happen before we left. To my joy, Matt had a 61lb mirror from swim 3 – his first from the lake which was great. Steve’s hard work also paid off with an immaculate 53lb mirror – worht the week long wait. In total our tally was 25 fish with all being landed from the bank – a testament to the weed control that took place during the work party in August.

I am back at the lake in a few weeks. Until then – enjoy your fishing!

61lb mirror

61lb mirror









MICK BOWMAN W/C 11/08/12

Back out on the lake this week for the work party with seven anglers helping with the work in the day and fishing from late afternoon. Our plans were to re-plumb the showers, paint the extteriors to some cabins, cut back the foilage around the track and fill all the pot holes, remove some of the weed and generally tidy up around the lake. All the anglers on site chose their swims at the beginning of the week with myself fishing from outside my cabin with my son.

By Monday evening the work party schedule was on target to be completed which was excellent and meant more time for fishing! We already had a 38lb and a 57lb mirror from swim 1 for Dave and a 30lb mirror from swim 12. I had 5 takes on my rods – a 52lb, 38lb and 41lb landed by me and a 58lb and 37lb landed by Mick Hall. I kept the same tactics as the previous trip, keeping to the same spots and baiting quite a bit as I felt the fish were still up for feeding. The weather stayed pretty settled for the week with warm temperatures and a south westerly breeze. By Wednesday most of the manual work had been completed and the track look good with the large pot holes having been filled and the foilage cut back. The fishing was still steady – Neil and John had landed a 30lb mirror each and Robin a 29lb common. I had three more fish – 44lb, 39lb and 48lb mirrors.

Friday evening was soon upon us and the lads had worked really hard, finishing mid week which meant time to relax. The fish were showing in most areas. Neil had another 38lb common in bay 10 and Richard had another couple of 30lb’s in swim 12. Mick Hall decided to have another go one evening and had a 48lb mirror and I had a 44lb common. As Saturday morning arrived and three more fish were caught – 34lb from swim 2, 36lb from swim 12 and Mick having a 48lb from my rods.

Alll in all, a top week 🙂



Mick and Georgia Bowman

Mick and Georgia Bowman

MICK BOWMAN 21/07/12 – 04/08/12










Back out on the lake for a two week stay, this week with my son Fin to mark the start of the school holidays and later the second week with the rest of the family. The week before had been a fairly slow week with only seven fish coming out. The biggest was a 69 and a half mirror to the lucky Mike Burke – it was a new personal best for him so well done Mike. This week was a full week on the lake with 10 anglers including myself. The draw took place as usual and I took swim 14 which was one of the left over swims after everyone else had taken their pick. The weather looked good, high temperatures were forecast for the whole week. As the first two nights unfolded, the fish were showing mainly in front of swims 13, 6 and in the bay of 10 (which was not being fished). In front of 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 was very quiet with no fish showing. By Monday morning, only one fish had come out, which was a 38lb mirror from my swim 14. Dennis McFetrich was fishing from swim 3 but decided to move up to 10 as there were fish showing there. After moving on Monday, that evening he caught a 55lb and a 46lb mirror.

The temperature over the last few days was very hot, pushing 30 degrees. I kept waiting in swim 14 and sure enough by Tuesday the fish began to arrive. That evening I had a 45lb and a 48lb common. By Wednesday, two more fish came out from swim 6 – both 30lb+.  On Wednesday night into Thursday morning I had fish rolling over my bait but I couldn’t get a bite. This happens quite often but you just have to be patient. Dave’s patience in swim 12 paid off as by Thursday he had two fish – a 47lb mirror and a personal best 54lb mirror – well done Dave! After moving to swim 10, Dennis had five more fish, the lads in swims 5&6 had two more and I had a 51lb mirror on the last night so all in all 18 fish coming out – not a bad week.

The following week saw a new mixed week of anglers who picked their swims again following the draw. I moved out to fish up by the bailiff’s cabin as I was spending the rest of the week there with family. The first night saw Gary Smith bank two x 30lbs from swim 1 and Fred in swim 3 had a 42lb mirror. I myself had a 41lb common so not a bad start to the week. Following last week, the fish seemed to be moving up to swims 1&2 and 3&4 but there were also fish showing in other areas. I had quite a lot of fish in front of me, colouring the water looking for their naturals. Temperatures were a bit cooler than last week but a very pleasant average of 24 degrees. The fish continued to feed up by my area and swim 6 and they were certainly up for a feed.

By Tuesday night I had four more fish – 46lb common, 51lb mirror, 43lb common and a 39lb mirror. The fish were feeding day and night up to Tuesday lunchtime. I had 7 takes during this time, landing 5 of them. As I had action in the day, I took my son Fin out on the boat to play one of the fish which was a great experience for him. He managed to land a beautiful 34lb mirror. I used the boat on most takes as I was fishing in quite a lot of weed. There were four other fish out, three more 30lb+ from swims 1 & 2 and a 42lb mirror from swim 6. I hoped the fish carried on feeding as they had but I knew only too well that things could change. Thankfully the fish did stay around and by Thursday morning I had five more fish – a 52lb common, 39lb, 34lb, 45lb and 54lb mirror. The fish I caught this week and last week seemed really empty as I think they were mostly feeding on naturals and most anglers were very cautious with their baiting application. As I had plently of fish in front of me, I opted to bait up quite a bit and used over 15 kilos on all rods by Thursday. I caught from all my baited spots so I knew they were feeding well both day and night.

Colin and Mark were also getting a steady catch rate with another 48lb fish taking their tally to seven by Thursday evening. By Friday morning I had another five fish including four 40lbs and a 55lb mirror, turning this week into a unique session where everything was spot on, in the right place at the right time. By now I was feeling the tiredness after pulling fish up out of the weed and re-baiting most evenings. I couldn’t catch up with sleep in the day as the catches were on then too! At the end of the week I managed on more 45lb mirror so I was more than happy with a 17 fish total. My final reward was seeing Tom Swinney who banked a personal best 52lb mirror from swim 8 on the last day – well done Tom.


Fin Bowman 34lb

Fin Bowman 34lb










MICK BOWMAN 23/06/12

Back out on the lake after a three week break. The previous week fished ok with 23 fish coming out. Sadly the weather is still unsettled and not as warm as it usually is for the time of year. This week was an exclusive week with party leader Tom and his good friend Andrew. As there were only two anglers, Tom invited me to fish also so I set up by swim 13 in front of my cabin. Tom & Andrew set up in swims 3 & 4.

With only 3 anglers on this week I expected it to be a tougher week with the fish moving to areas where there was no pressure. The temperatures and weather looked good for the week ahead so I was confident we would see some action. And I wasn’t wrong – fish were turning up in front of swims 6, 7 & 8 and 12. They were really getting their heads down and taking advantage of no lines out and no pressure. By Monday morning I had a 42lb and 55lb mirror. Andrew unfortunately lost 2 fish in 3 & 4. Tom moved into swim 7 as the fish had been showing in open water for the last 24 hours. By Wednesday the fish continued to show in front of swims 5 &6, 7 and 12. They were taking advantage of the natural. By now I had three more fish – a 39lb common and two low 40lbs. I continued to fish and bait in the same spot. After discussions about how things could improve, Tom change tact and altered some of the ways he had been fishing and that night he caught a 39lb common which was fantastic.

By Friday and with the week almost finished, baiting was kept to a minimum. By the next morning four more fish came out and Tom had a personal best of 56lb so his patience really did pay off. I had three more 40lbs – two x 44lb and a 46lb. Sadly Andrew wasn’t so lucky and blanked but nevertheless it was a great week.    Until next time, enjoy your fishing…….. 🙂



MICK BOWMAN 27/05/12

Back out on the lake this week with Dennis McFetrich and his crew. The previous week was a good one with 14 fish coming out for Simon and Baz’s gang. The best fish to come out that week was a 67lb mirror which was 57lb the previous April – another fish going in the right direction. The weather finally turned more seasonal with blue sky and sunny days. Temperatures wer around 28 degrees in the day and 13 degrees at night, just how the Island Lake fish like it. First out of the draw was Dave who chose swim 6. Next was Den who chose swim3. Matt opted for 13, Ash went for 2, Paul had 7 and Allan had 12. I dropped into swim 10. 10 was looking a good swim being one of the shallowest bays and with temperatures so high, I thought it would attract some fish to the warmer water. I was not wrong with fish showing all through the night and at 6.30am I caught a 60lb common.

Dennis also had a fish on the first morning in the shape of a 35lb mirror. The action did not stop there for Dennis and by Tuesday evening he had four more fish – 2 x 30lbs a 46lb and a 56lb. The only other fish for me by then was a 45lb mirror. I had a steady supply of fish moving in and out of bay 10 but they were not feeding hard so it was just a case of one fish at a time. The fish still kept coming mostly for Dennis who by Thursday had three more 40lb (to 46lb). Matt was also off the mark with a 40lb mirror and a 41lb common, as was Dave who had a 44lb mirror. Ash did well with a PB – a nice mirror coming in at 58lb so well done to him. By then I had also landed a 41lb mirror.

The fishing had certainly picked up and it was looking good for some more bites. I was not wrong – the fish really switched on to feed in front of swims 13, 6, 7 & 12. Alan had a 48lb mirror, Matt a 50lb mirror, Ash a 51lb mirror and Dave a 55lb mirror. The fish were feeding hard in those areas and there were more fish to be caught. By Saturday morning three more fish came out, Matt landing 2 x 30lbs and Dennis with a 49lb mirror.

All in all a good week with everyone catching except Paul. The hot weather all week definately encouraged the carp to feed well in certain areas. Swim 10 is not a familiar peg for me so I had a good week getting to know another part of the lake. Good luck to all – wherever you may be fishing 🙂

Mick Bowman 60lb

Mick Bowman 60lb

MICK BOWMAN 05/05/12

Mick Bowman 54lb

Mick Bowman 54lb

Two weeks on and I am back on the lake. The previous week was yet another mixed bag of weather, very unsettled with rain and wind but between the anglers they had 14 fish including a new 60lb for the lake (in the shape of a 64lb mirror). In 2011, this fish came out at 50lb so it was great to see yet another fish piling on the weight. This week was an exclusive week with four anglers. Party leader Mick Murray was joined by Steve Cowell, Mark Footman and Steve Perry. As a rule, I do not normally fish on exclusive weeks but the lads invited me to join them which was very kind. All the lads chose to fish singlely in the double swims with Mark in 1 &2, Steve Perry in 3 & 4, Steve Cowell in 5 & 6 and Mick in 7 & 8. I fished from my cabin which is in effect in swim 13’s waters.

The weather was still rainy but temperatures were up. The first night produced a 48lb for Mark in swim 2 and on Sunday night Steve Cowell had a 46lb mirror in swim 5. A good start I thought. The fish were moving and showing in most areas of the lake but I felt the unsettled weather was not making them feed hard. By Monday evening there were still only two fish out. But by Wednesday morning the fishing had picked up with 9 more fish out. Mark in swim 2 had another 50lb + and a 40lb+. Mick had 3 fish from swim 8 which was topped by a 62lb mirror. I had seen nothing for 4 nights but then between 4am and 8am Wednesday morning I had four fish – 3 x 40lbs and a  54lb mirror, all from different spots. I had been fishing from the same spots since I started on Saturday so it just goes to show you if you can be patient and confident, the fish will come – and if they come like that I certainly don’t mind waiting.

So up to Wednesday morning 11 fish had been out and it was looking good for more action too. By Friday evening there were 2 more fish out which comprised of two more new 60lbs – a 62lb mirror and a 61lb common Mick Murray – which meant a hat trick of 60lb fish – a first for the lake for one angler so well done to him. On the last night four more fish came out – 2 for Mark in swim 2. He had a 49lb mirror and a 60lb 4oz common which was also a personal best – well done Mark. The other two fish were caught by Mick Murray in swim 7 – a 40lb+ and a 52lb. I do believe the 60lb common that Mark caught was also a new 60lb+ for the lake and will be checking our records to confirm this.

So to sum up  there were 16 fish in total which comprised of 8 x 40lbs+, 4 x 50lb+,  4 x 60lb+ and one under 30lb. I would just like to say a huge thank you to the boys for inviting me to fish with them. Until next time – enjoy your fishing 🙂

MICK BOWMAN 14/04/12

How season’s can change from one year to the next. I have just returned from the Island Lake where the weather was very unsettled. This time last year with the same group of lads we were sitting in shortshaving barbeques in temperatures of around 24 degrees. This week we were lucky to get 12 degrees with rain and gusty winds thrown in. The two weeks previous had been very similar so the fish were proving difficult to catch – resulting in 11 fish in total. I explained to everyonethat the weather conditions play a big part in how the fish feed and so not to expect anywhere near the 50 haul we caught this time last year. Never the less we did the draw and took to the task ahead. Naz and Rob fished out of swims 1 & 2. Tony and Matt were in swim 3 & 4, Kevin & Andy in swims 5 & 6, Keith in swim 12 and Pasha in swim 13. That left me with a choice of 7 & 8, 10 & 11 and 14. I chose swims 7 & 8.

On the first night Matt lost two fish from swim 3 and Kevin lost one from swim 5. It looked good as the fish were showing through the night. By Sunday night I had two fish, a 42lb and 45lb from open water. I was pleased I was off the mark with two decent sized fish. Then on the following night and morning four more fish were caught with Keith in swim 12 having a 52lb mirror and Pasha in swim 13 having a 58lb common (and a personal best so well done Pasha!). I had a new lake 60 pounder in the shape of a 61lb common. This same fish was caught last year at 54lb so it is great to see these fish putting on some good weight. I also had a 39lb mirror.

So by Tuesday we had 6 fish in total between us so not bad for starters. However, 48 hours on we had no more fish and the weather began to get worse with strong winds and heavy rain storms. Thank goodness for the cabins or we would have been stuck in our tents with the doors down (I was facing the wind so this was a bit uncomfortable without the doors down!). I was still confident that with 2 nights to go, we would see some more action. Happily by Friday, three more fish did come. In swim 3 Matt had a 35lb mirror and in swim 12 Keith had a 36lb mirror. Naz landed a 58lb mirror which was also an personal best to him – well done mate!  Then on the last night Rob had a 42lb mirror. All in all, 11 fish out which indicates that the fish are starting to move about more and more each week.

So until next time, good luck to everyone fishing on The Island Lake.

MICK BOWMAN 08/10/11

A mixed week this week with 10 anglers on the lake. First out of the bag in the draw in the morning saw new Island Lake visitors Lee and Darren who chose swims 5 & 6. Next out were regular Island Lake visitors Eric and Rob Wood who picked swims 1 & 2. The third double swim went to anglers Neil and Eric who opted for 3 & 4. The single swims were picked with Tony choosing swim 13, Lee in swim 12  and Mark in swim 10. From the swims left, I opted for 7 & 8.

The lake has been fishing quite slow over the past few weeks so I went cautiously and once I had found some decent spots, I baited up little and often. The first two fish to come out of the lake were to father and son duo Rob and Eric. Eric had a 55lb mirror and Rob landed a 53lb common – both fish were personal bests so a great start to the week. My first glimpse of any action didn’t arrive until Monday evening and although the fish had been evidently showing in front of me, they were proving very diffcult to catch. That evening I landed a 46lb and a 43lb mirror. The weather was spot on for the time of year with light winds, slightly overcast and temperatures of around 18 degrees. As I was only fishing for 5 nights, I knew I had to stick to my baited spots and be patient.

By Thursday morning 13 fish had been out. Most people had caught apart from two of our anglers so I was hopeful that we would have a full house on the catch report. This was my first time fishing the lake in October and it was clear the fish were slowing down as the water cleared and the weed dropped. My approach of baiting little and often in the same spots appeared to pay off with five good sized fish (46lb, 43lb, 41lb, 48lb and 39lb mirrors) coming out over the five nights on the lake.

There are only two weeks left of the 2011 season and I still hope that some of the big girls come out of the lake during this time.


MICK BOWMAN 10/09/11

53lb mirror

53lb mirror

Just back from the lake, fishing in the company of Dennis McFetrich and friends, with 7 anglers in total. The two weeks previous had fished pretty slow with not many big fish being caught so it looked good for a sizable fish to turn up. The weather was a mixed bag with temperatures ranging between 32 and 22 degrees. The latter part of the week saw strong winds and rain at times.

I ended up in swims 5 & 6 which I havent fished for over a year. The bulk of the fish started off in front of swims 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 where over a 48 hour period seven fish were caught, including a brace of 50lb+ for Dennis – a 59lb and 56lb – not bad for an old boy still learning the trade!! It was pretty quiet at the other end of 7 & 8, 10 and 12 where three fish were caught by Tuesday. The biggest was a 56lb for John Llewellyn and a 49lb for Matt Bailey. I had 7 fish by Tuesday topped off with a 53lb mirror.

The fish were evident in between swims 6 and 13 so it was just a case of sitting tight, waiting to pick them off one by one. The highlight of the first half of the week came from swim 13 where Dave Baldry had 3 fish, with one magnificent 76lb – a new lake record and his personal best – an absolute beauty (the fish not Dave!)

In the second part of the week the fish moved up through swims 13 onto swim 14, feeding on their naturals still. John Llewellyn moved from 7 & 8 to swim 14 and had a fish on the first night in the way of a 56lb common and his personal best. Dave was still catching from swim 13, Dennis from 1 & 2 and Chris in 3 & 4. The fish had moved but there was still the odd catch up at the end of 10 & 11 and 12. It was slow but the fish were still ripping up the bottom for their naturals.

By the end of the week we ended up with 39 fish including 18 x 30lbs, 15 x 40lbs, 5 x 50lbs and the big girl at 76lb. I myself landed 10 carp which included 2 x 37lb, 38lb, 2 x 41lb, 42lb, 45lb, 47lb , 48lb and a 53lb.  All in all an enjoyable week with some good fish coming out.

Good luck, tight lines – until October when I am back.


MICK BOWMAN 13/08/11 – 29/08/11

Mick Bowman 55lb

Mick Bowman 55lb

Just back from a 2 week trip out on the lake with my son Fin. On the first week there was 8 anglers in total including myself with everyone set up in their swims by Saturday evening. We set up in swim 12 where we stayed for the two week period. The beginning of the week started off very slow. During the first part of the week, the fish were in front of swims 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 which produced 2 x 40lb fish on the first night. By Sunday, a large number of fish were showing in front of 13 and 14 where they stayed until Tuesday. Swim 13 had produced 5 fish by then.

After Tuesday the fish seemed to move around the lake visiting most areas and bays, feeding more on naturals. People were catching steadily by now but it still seemed slow. By Thursday the fish were showing most interest in the evening and through the night. It is such a good view in the early evening to see and hear the big fish, showing and feeding; it really gets you going (well it does for me!).

My first fish came on the third day so although I had a slow start, at 55lb it was a very welcome catch. The by the 4th and 5th day I had a 38lb, a 44lb and a 48lb mirror. Then on the last night that week I had a 42lb mirror. Fin had his 2 custom build 9ft carp rods, two 3/4 lb T/C set up for the first week but he is still waiting for his first Island Lake Carp.

To sum up, the first week, 27 fish came out in total including 9 x 30lb, 7 x 40lb and an impressive 11 x 50lb. 3 anglers caught their personal bests with one beating it 3 times in the week – it is great to see so many happy faces on the Island Lake when this happens.

Week two got under way with 7 anglers including myself. Two anglers pitched up in swims 1 &2, and one in swims 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8 and one in 13. I stayed in swim 12. The number of anglers dropped early by one on Monday with one angler having to return to the UK  unexpectedly, leaving 6 on the lake. The fish did pretty much the same as the previous week, moving in front of 1 &2 and 3 & 4. As the week went on, they moved into most areas and bays in search of the abundant supply of naturals.

Most people were catching by mid week and some more than others. It can be such a frustating place when you have fish showing all around you, feeding over your baited area but not much in the way of takes. But I believe if you stick to your task and keep focussed on your spot rather than moving, action will eventually happen for you.

I had a better second week landing 12 fish in total including 3 x 30lb and 9 x 40lb. Fin still did not catch on his rods although he did get a take in the night – but was far too tired to get up so left the glory to me and will have to wait until next year to try again! My good friend Dennis McFetrich from M.C.F was in swims 7 & 8 and had a fantastic week with 22 fish coming out which is a new lake record for one angler. There are no fish safe when he is around – a true master at what he does so well done to him.

The weed is still ok in most areas with most fish being landed from the bank still. All in all, I think the key to success is to pick a swim and work with it and hopefully you will reap the reward when the fish arrive – and when they do, make sure you are ready!

Good luck

MICK BOWMAN 23/07/11 – 30/07/11

Just back from the lake after a week spent with my son. The week before fished pretty well with some good anglers accounting for 50 fish so I wasn’t expecting too much action around the lake. There were 9 anglers including myself this week. The weather the previous week had been pretty unsettled with a fair amount of rain and temperatures around 24 degrees. Much of the same weather was forecast for the coming week so the fish were used to the unsettled weather by now. I fished out of swim 12 which is a first for me so I had to get the marker rod out and have a feel around the swim. Once I found some good areas I had all three rods out by 5pm that evening.

The first rod to go didn’t take long and I had a lovely 58lb mirror in the net within an hour. The action came steady from then on, accounting for 7 fish by Monday afternoon. Then I had a quiet spell where nothing was caught for 48 hours. I carried on recasting and applying small amounts of the Hertford Mix each afternoon. It wasn’t until Thursday afternoon when the fish decided to feed again and then action resumed. By the Saturday morning I had 15 takes, landing 12. I landed 5 x 30lbs, 4 x 40lbs and 3 x 50lbs.

The weed at the moment is well under control so all the fish I caught were landed from the bank – I did not use the boat at all. The fish are behaving differently this year as most of the weed cover has gone. They seem to be more grouped up in shoals and moving around in numbers, A lot of the action at the moment seems to be up the end of 5 & 6, 7 & 8 and 12 & 13. But at night the fish are moving down the lake in swims 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 under the cover of darkness.

Enjoy your fishing


  MICK BOWMAN  – 23/04/11 – 30/04/11

Mick & Fin Bowman

Mick & Fin Bowman



Just back from a very productive week’s fishing – I spent the week with some great guys and good anglers. There were 8 of us in total so among us we decided to split up in order to cover a good proportion of the lake. Terry & Pasha went in swims 1 &  2, Matt & Daniel in swims 5 & 6, Naz & Kevin went for swims 10 & 12 and Andy in swim 13. I opted for swim 3 but fished out of the bailiff’s swim.

The fish were showing in most areas of the lake. The weather was very warm for the time of year – up to 30 degrees centigrade on most days with a couple of thunder storms at night. All in all, things looked good and the fish didn’t disappoint. I steadily caught throughout the week with fish coming through various ranges and spots. I used about 20 kilos of boilies during my session with the old faithful Hartford mix which accounted for 10 fish: 1 x 39lb, 7 x 40’s, a 57lb common and a 58lb mirror at the top end. All the other lads got through a fair bit of bait between them aswell – between 15-20 kilos each. I think this was key to the success of our week. We were lucky that the fish were in the mood to eat and all we all baited accordingly.

Some areas were more productive than others but all in all, we all caught and indeed caught well. There were personal bests had by most of the group. Terry Archie pulled in a 48lb common (PB). Matt Bunting had a 51lb mirror and then beat it with a 55lb mirror (PB). Kevin Miles also had a 45lb mirror pb and then smashed it twice, landing a 47lb mirror and then a 53lb common (PB). Naz Hassan also pulled in a 53lb common (PB) and Andy How followed up with his first PB of 46lb, followed by a 55lb and then 57lb mirror (PB) – incredible stuff! All in all we had 50 fish between us which included; 19 x 30’s, 22 x 40’s and 9 x 50’s  – I believe this is the most 50’s caught in one week on the lake so far. It’s great to see how these fish are growing each year so who knows what is in store for the rest of the year? I am sure there will be some exciting surprises.

I would just like to thank Naz and his friends for inviting me to fish on their week – we had some top fishing and I enjoyed a great social time with the lads.

Thanks again.


53lb Common

Hi again. Just back from another week at the lake where there were 9 anglers on. The previous week fished pretty steady with most of the fish being caught from swim 5 and 6 and swim 13. The area in front of swim 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 was really slow and only produced one fish which was unusual for the lake. I did the draw on Saturday morning and everyone was happy with their swim choices. After everyone had chosen their swims, I was left with 10, 11 or 14. I chose swim 14 as I have not fished it before. I decided only to use the boat to find spots as per my previous trip then cast from the bank and played the fish from the bank. I manged this to great effect with the lead clip.
I ended up landing 11 fish from swim 14 wich included 3x30s 7x40s to 49lb and 1×50 in the shape of a 53lb common.

The weed situation at the moment is still ok as I have not lost any fish due to weeding me up or having to take the boat. But to do this, you must lose your lead on the lake. The crayfish have become a slight problem at the moment eating soft bait hooks so I would advise any anglers visiting the lake soon to use hard hookbaits or mesh their hookbaits.




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