News & Fishing Reports : 2012

/News & Fishing Reports : 2012

November 2012 work party

The last week of the season was upon us (17th November) and its end was marked with a sucessful work party to close down the lake. On the list of jobs to complete was the felling of a number of trees as well as a general tidy up around the track. We had the company of five men responsible for taking down the trees  and around 14 or so trees were cut all in all. Some of the track was repaired also.

We fished alongside the work taking place – it could have been more productive with only 2 fish being caught but still well done to Terry Day for his 42lb mirror and a personal best for Glen Taylor in the shape of a 43lb common. The fish were very active at night but were still proving hard to catch.

As for the work completed – very pleased so a big thank you has to go to Biff, Dave, Terry, Glen and Ian for all their efforts.

The Island Lake fish are now resting until the next work part in March 2013 so until then we would like to say thank you to all who visited the Island Lake this year, congratulations to everyone who landed a personal best and we look forward to seeing everyone again in 2013.

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Here at the Island Lake we are constantly reviewing lake performance; our successes and areas for improvement. To continue improving the lake and most importantly, your ultimate fishing experience, the Management Team will be introducing the following three new rules with effect from 2013:


Over the past year, we have noted an increasing number of unsuitable lead release system clips. These clips have been inadequate , resulting in lost fish for anglers and injured fish as a result of towing leads around the lake.

As a result, from 2013, The Island Lake will only permit the use of MCF LEAD DUMPER SYSTEM CLIPS on the lake. These clips have been tried and tested and work exactly as they are supposed to. You can buy these clips direct from MCF, Leslie’s of Luton, The Tackle Box or on site at the lake.

If you need further information regarding these clips, please contact Mick on 07908 999551.

  Example of a bad set up removed from one of our fish


There has also been an increasing number of permanent markers left at the lake following anglers submerging markers just under the surface. Such markers are not fish friendly and can be dangerous which is not an environment we want for our fish stock if they are to remain in good condition for your angling pleasure. For this reason, use of permanent markers has now been added to our list of rules of banned items and as such will be a rule break from 2013. All future anglers are kindly asked to use only large orange H block markers.


We have also monitored the use of bait on the lake and like many other English and French Carp fisheries, have decided to ban the use of particles and pellets on the lake until futher notice. Particles/pellets lack any real nutritional value for the fish and therefore the obvious knock on effect can be seen in their health and of course, their weight. To ensure anglers have the best possible fishing experience and we keep our stock in a good condition, only boilies will be permitted from 2013. Anglers can use any boilies, either those stocked on the lake or any good quality boilies they prefer.

We hope all anglers understand the reasons behind these decisions – and ultimately our aim to ensure The Island Lake remains a top quality Carping venue for the future.

Thank you.

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August Work Party

The August work party went well last week with a multitude of jobs being completed. Firstly we set about cutting back all the foilage around the track and swims. This was followed by painting the exterior of some cabins and replacing the old copper pipe work to the shower blocks with new plastic pipe. One of the toughest tasks was repairing the track with aggregate stone, filling all the pot holes to make a smoother drive around the track once again. Finally, the weed in some of the worst affected areas has been removed.

With a nine man strong party we completed the work in four days – and we are very pleased with the results. The whole lake looks far tidier and the weed is set be be under control right up until the close of season in the winter. It was tough at times with  ever increasing temperatures so we were grateful that we finished when we did before the mecury reached 39 degrees by the weekend!

Heartfelt thanks go out to those who were with us –   Neil, Neil & Doran on the foilage cutting, Richard, Dave & John who were also on track repair, Robin sorting the plumbing and both Mick’s following up with the weed control.

All is looking good for the rest of the season and for those visitors still to join us in 2012.

Some of the gang.......

Some of the gang.......

Just a little rest in between........

Just a little rest in between........

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The work party – update

March sunrise.....

March sunrise.....

The first week of March saw a successful work party with lots of hard work taking place ready for the 2012 season opening. We are delighted that we have finally completed the full run of electricity power to the last remaining cabins (in swims 1 & 2) – a huge amount of digging and preparation went into powering up the swims but the results are great.

We have new jettys for swims 10 and 11 and have extended the jetty in swims 3 and 4. In swim 13 we have lanscaped the area to make accessibility for bivvy use.

We have generally cleaned up after the winter break and cut down some of the weed in certain swims to keep things more managable for the oncoming season. We are also pleased to have a new carparking area for those guests who arrive early and need a place to rest prior to the start of their trip.

We had an amazing workforce who worked really, really hard and to whom we are very grateful – big thanks to Andre and Dave from Holland who took on the new platforms, Robin on the electrics and John and Niall covering everything else with us.

We look forward to opening in a few weeks and waking up our resident carp ready for action…….!

"You dig, we watch.......!"

"You dig, we watch.......!"

New car parking area

New car parking area

Andre and Dave - platforms

Andre and Dave - platforms

Cabling going in....

Cabling going in...

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March 2012 work party……

The new season is only 3 months away and so in preparation for opening we plan to be hard at work again to make the Island Lake in tip top condition ready for our guests.

There will be a work party commencing the beginning of March with a full schedule of maintainance including:

Running the final stages of electric power to swims 1 & 2

Extending the jetty in swims 3 & 4

Adding a new jetty in swims 10 & 11

Removing weed from prevalent areas, along with a general clean throughout the whole venue.

We will let you know the progress made before our first opening dates in April……….

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