News & Fishing Reports : 2013

/News & Fishing Reports : 2013

2014 Opening Season is upon us……

With the new season almost upon us, The Island Lake is getting ready to receive its first visitors of the year and in preparation will be running its March work party in a couple of weeks. There will be track repairs, some weed maintainance and a general tidy up – more on this work will be revealed once completed.

Don’t forget, the weather in France is warming up and looking good already – but they have also experienced a heavy, wet winter so water levels as always are higher during the early months. Be prepared with the right kit (waders/wellies) as some of the landing stages may have some surface water cover.

We look forward to seeing you soon 🙂

2013 End of season work party

At the end of last month we saw the close down of the lake for 2013. It was a productive year with another set of records being beaten. But all good things have to come to an end and we shut up shop until 2014 kicks off at the end of March.

So as usual we set about our tidying up with an 8 man strong team. We tackled plenty of weed clearing in swims 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 so there is a great clearing in that area for next years anglers.

Big thanks goes to Dave, Tony, Terry, Glenn, Iain, Doug for all their help particularly as the weather was a little harsh…..!




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Changes for 2014

Advance notice for some new changes for 2014……….

The change over times at The Island Lake are being amended to enable a smoother entry/exit for all concerned. At the end of each week, anglers will be requested to reel in by 9am on their departing day and vacate the lake by 10am. New anglers will be admitted to the lake from 12 noon on their first day (early viewing will no longer be available as the bailiffs will be engaged on other duties). The draw for the swims will take place at 1pm.

We have made these changes for several reasons.

  • On mixed weeks, not all anglers arrive at the same time so the draw cannot always be done any earlier.
  • Exiting guests have expressed a preference to be able to pack down without having new guests viewing their swims whilst doing so.
  • The extended time allows the bailiffs more time for deeper cleaning and other duties (such as mowing) which will then not disturb new arrivals later in the day/week.

Arriving anglers will be requested not to queue right outside the main gates before 10am so as to allow the exiting anglers off site as the entry track is quite narrow.

Thank you in advance.


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Work party news…..

During the week of 27th July, we were hard at work here on the Island Lake, making small improvements to see us through the summer and onto the end of the season. With a five strong party, jobs were tackled. Repair work took place to the main track where some of the deep holes were filled with gravel. Extensive amounts of bushes were cut back – the whole lake is now easier to drive around. The entrance to the swims have also been widened as any overgrown bushes were taken back.

Both Micks were joined by John Bryan, Louis Warrow and Mark Fox – a massive thank you guys. At the end of the work party there were some rewards – a total of 30 fish came out that week – Mark Fox landing an impressive 12 fish and also topped with a personal best of 53lb. Micky Hall also landed a new personal best with a 55lb common.

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Lake Record beaten again……

So its been a while since a record has been broken – but we were always sure that it would be! Kicking off nice and early in 2013 we are pleased to share the news that the latest record breaking fish has been landed this week (w/c 11th May) by the very lucky Chris Roadknight – landing a lovely 81lb 12oz mirror.

More new on this great fish will be posted soon – well done Chris 🙂

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March 2013 Work Party

As promised, we are pleased to update you with the outcome of the work party that took place last week in preparation for the 2013 opening of the Island Lake.

The week went very well and all planned jobs were completed – we are forever grateful to Tony Powell, Alan Nightingale, Dave Pellekooran, Gerrard Pellekooran Andre, Johan and Fabian for all their help in making it happen.

As well as a general tidy up across the whole lake, we tackled several areas specifically:

Cutting new steps into the slopes in swims 10 and 11;

Building swims into swims 7 and 8 and swim 4;

Cutting the trees and bushes back to the right of swims 6 and 12 to provide better access and

Installing new BBQs into swims 1 & 2 and 5 &6 (more of these will be installed in all swims throughout the year).

There was also time for a spot of fishing – topping of the week with four fish out including a personal best for Andre – well done Andre!!

Catch reports for the week: Dave – 19lb common, 28lb mirror. Andre – 52.8lb mirror. Gerrard – 39.6lb mirror.

We are very much looking forward to opening the gates next week and welcoming in our first visitors as we go forward to another busy year at the Lake. One piece of advice for anglers coming to us in the next few months – it is advisable to bring wellingtons or waders with you as the water has risen over the winter months and some of the landing stages are still about a foot under water. So be prepared while the waters drop back…….!!

Gerrard 39lb mirror

Gerrard 39lb mirror

Andre 52lb mirror

Andre 52lb mirror

Dave 28lb mirror

Dave 28lb mirror

Swim 10

Swim 10

Swim 11

Swim 11

Swims 7 & 8

Swims 7 & 8

One of the new BBQs

One of the new BBQs

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March Work Party

The 2013 season is nearly upon us and so at the Island Lake we will be on site from this weekend getting everything ready in preparation for opening at the end of the month. We will be tidying up after the long winter break and getting ship shape ready for another exciting year ahead. More new’s coming soon……..

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