Mick’s blog 26th July 2014

//Mick’s blog 26th July 2014

Mick’s blog 26th July 2014

Back out on the lake for the work party where we intended to paint the cabins and do a general tidy up around the lake. There were 9 of us in total for the week including myself, Mick Hall who fished from 5 & 6 with John Bryan, Luke Mike in 1 & 2,Mark and Jumbo in 7 & 8, Louis in 10, Peter in 12 and me from the cabin. We were all set up fishing by the Saturday evening. I had a brilliant start where by Sunday morning I had a 61lb common and 2 x 30lb. There were quite a lot of fish showing in most areas so it looked good for more action. The lads were eager to get stuck in to the jobs at hand so they could finish early and maximise fishing time! And they certainly worked hard and fast. Buy Wednesday most jobs were finished. And as a reward, some had fish to thank for their efforts! Mark in swim 7 had 2 x 30lbs, John in 5 had a 36lb and 45lb. Mick Hall in 6 had two 41lbs. I also had a 55lb, 42lb and 44lb. The weather was a mixed bag with hot weather up to 30 degrees and then a couple of dull days with thunder and lightening. The second half of the week also fished really well. Fish were showing in mass between 5 & 6 and 13. They were also in the deep water between 7 & 8  and 12. The fish seemed to stick around in the day and drift in front of 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 at night. Luke in swim 1 had a personal best of 58lb and another 40lb miror. Mike in 2 had a 42lb mirror and a 36lb common. John in swim 5 had 6 fish which included our biggest resident – weighing in at 83lb this time. Mick Hall in 6 had 5 fish to 60lb which was also a personal best for him. Mark in 7 added a 50lb mirror and a 35lb common. James in 8 had a 41lb mirror. I had 110 fish all in all up to 61lb. So with 31 fish coming out all together it was certainly a good week.

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