Mick’s blog w/c 25th May 2014

//Mick’s blog w/c 25th May 2014

Mick’s blog w/c 25th May 2014

This week saw the return of good friend Dennis McFetrich from M.C.F and co. The lake has been pretty up and down as far as catch reports go – the previous week there were 16 fish out which was a bit low for the time of year although quality made up for that as 50% of the fish out were 50lb plus and a 61lb common – good in anyone’s book. Still, this week there were seven of us and the draw complete. Butch was first out and picked swim 13. Steve came out next and took 3 & 4, Den chose 7 & 8, Mark in 12, Aid in 5 & 6, Dave in 10 and I had 1 & 2. I was happy with what I had for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to fish in the areas we had cleared at the last work party and secondly, this was not an area that I was familiar fishing in so I thought it would be good for me to learn a bit more about the swim.

Also on the trip was my ever enthusiastic son Fin, ready to do battle with the perch and pike. He had a very productive first day catching three pike up to 8lb so all credit to him – he stands patiently for long periods watching and waiting with his lure rod. The areas I chose to fish had a mixture of soft clean areas in between weed and some more harder areas. Once happy with all my spots, thats where I planned to stay all week. The first night was quiet for me with not much activity so I played the usual waiting game. Steve over in 3 & 4 got off to a good start landing a 54lb mirror within an hour of setting up.

By the Monday morning a few more fish were out. Butch had a 41lb and 52lb mirror. Steve had another 37lb, Aid a 30lb and Den another 47lb to his tally. I had 2 x 40lbs – a 44lb and a 45lb. It was great catch those two fish from spots created earlier in the year. The weather now was changeable with low pressure and rain for a couple of days. At 4am I had a slow take on my left rod that hadn’t had any action of yet. I picked up the rod and lifted the fish, it didn’t do to much, just a few flicks of the tail and I thought it wasn’t too big. Then the fish kited right, picking up momentum as it did and then I felt the power of it. It was about 30 yards out when i really felt the strength. After three powerful runs taking 15 yards at a time and 20 minutes later, I slipped the net under the fish that had alluded me for so long. It was the big one. I was shocked, nervous and happy all at once knowing I had just landed the fish of a lifetime. With the help of my son we carefully carried her up to the weigh station. The scales settled on 88lb – what a result. Not only a PB for me but a new lake record and it was a great moment to share with my son. Dennis and the boys came round at first light for the photos and to see   such a wonderful fish before we put her back. I am sure this fish will reach 90lb before too long.

By Wednesday morning I had three more fish – 42lb, 54lb and 46lb mirrors. I hadn’t seen many fish fizzing, just the odd ones so I was pretty sure I was intercepting travelling fish. Dave in swim 10 had his first fish – a 39lb mirror and Butch in 12 h3 had a 31lb common. Friday was soon upon us and a few more fish to report. Mark had a 40lb mirror, Butch a 40lb and 54lb mirror, Dave a 48lb common, Den added a 49lb, 41lb, 47lb, 46lb plus a 31lb common. I also had a couple more out – 39lb and 62lb mirror – the 62lb being the same fish I caught in April at 60lb so pleased to see weight being put on. The last night was quiet – I scored 2 more fish, a couple of 40lb plus to finish off proceedings. Our weekly tally came to 30 fish between us and smashing my personal best – it has been a week I will never forget.

Mick Bowman with the island lake France biggest resident at 88lb Mirror

Mick Bowman 88lb

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